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Thank you for visiting the SKILLSPORTS.US website, which is located at 2780 South Jones Blvd. #200-3188, Las Vegas, Nevada 89146. (the “website,” “site” or “”) is owned by Skillsports LLC (“We,” “Us,” “Our” or “Provider”). The following Privacy Policy shall serve as notice as to the handling of personal information by the website and serve to inform you as to what you should expect as the user of the website (“you,” or “user”)

Protecting the privacy of the users of the website is of paramount importance here at Skillsports LLC. We are committed to providing our users and customers with a quality website experience. Accordingly, we are devoted to ensuring the confidentiality of your personal information. Skillsports LLC provides this notice of its privacy policy in order to help you to determine whether to use the website. This privacy policy contains important information as to the use and disclosure of information we collect from users of the website. Any information that you provide to Skillsports LLC will remain subject to the terms of this privacy policy as well as the Terms and Conditions for the use of this site.

Please understand that by using the website, you acknowledge and agree that any image, video, or any other information or content you post on the website becomes published and therefore is no longer considered to be personally identifiable information or content which would be subject to this Privacy Policy.

If there are any questions, complaints or comments with regard to the website, it's Terms and Conditions, or the terms of this Privacy Policy, such inquiries should be made in writing to: Skillsports LLC 2780 South Jones Blvd. #200-3188, Las Vegas, Nevada 89146 USA

The following Privacy Policy shall serve as a disclosure as to how Skillsports LLC will collect, use, share and protect information it gathers from users and visitors to the website.

Information That Will Be Collected

In order to register a user account with the website, you will be required to provide certain personal information (e.g. your e-mail address, name and PayPal or credit card related billing information). This information may need to be provided in order to participate in various contests, promotions, surveys, social media, message or picture posting, mailing lists and/or various other activities relating to the Skillsports LLC use and experience. Other users of the website will be permitted to search for your name. However, you may block the ability for others to search for your name through adjusting the privacy settings within your user account.

Whenever you use the website, Skillsports LLC may use what are known as “clear GIFS” or "Web Beacons" that are utilized to anonymously track the patterns of online usage. The website may also use “clear GIFS” or "Web Beacons" within e-mails sent to users to discern which e-mails are opened. Also, when you use Skillsports LLC, the website servers will automatically record specific information sent by your web browser (i.e. log file information). This log file information s automatically recorded by our servers may include, but is not limited to, your IP address, browser type, web request, URLs, click numbers, domain names, platform type, pages viewed, landing pages, ordering of pages viewed, time spent on certain pages, date and time information, and/or cookies which identify your browser.


Cookies are small, text only strings of information. At times, the website may send a cookie to your computer when you visit Skillsports LLC. Cookies are placed in your computer's cookie file so that we can remember who you are when you return to the website. Accordingly, Skillsports LLC may use the data generated from cookies in order to compile statistical data or information as to your use of the website. You have the right to decline a cookie through modifying the settings in your computer software. However this will require you to re-enter your login information each time you visit the Skillsports LLC website.

Modification of Your Information

You have the right at any time to request a copy of your personal information stored with the website. You also have the right to request that your information be corrected, completed or erased by our customer service department. To request any such modification, please send an e-mail to

Affiliate Privacy Access

Affiliates have access to view the data for matches one has entered into if you are an affiliate member who has signed up on through an affiliate link. Only the affiliate whom you signed up through has access to view the matches that you have entered. Please remember that wins and winnings for each member are already public data which another user can access via the leaderboard. The only additional information an affiliate has is the ability to see the specific matches you may have joined as a user, thus, extending the amount of view they have of your profile and its participation. No other data is shared with affiliates.

Disclosure Required by Law

Under certain circumstances, Skillsports LLC may be required to disclose personal information about its users. Skillsports LLC will make its best effort possible under the circumstances to disclose such information only when it reasonably believes it is required to do so in response to any legal demand for such information, such as a subpoena, warrant, or any other similar form of legal process. Skillsports LLC may, at its reasonable discretion, use such personal information to identify, contact or bring legal action against entities or individuals when the website is reasonably working toward preserving and/or enforcing its legal or equitable rights, including for tax related reasons. Moreover, Skillsports LLC, at its sole and absolute discretion, may disclose personal information of its users to third-party agents of the website if Skillsports LLC reasonably believes it is required to do so in order to investigate intellectual-property infringement, fraud, piracy or the exposure of the website to any other form of legal liability. Employees of Skillsports LLC may be provided your personal information on a limited basis. Government or other law enforcement related entities may also be provided your personal information if required by law. Third-party service providers to the website may be provided your personal information based upon the fact that you are a user of a website. Any and all recipients of your personal information shall be bound by all applicable data protection laws. In other words, any recipients of your personal information will be required to keep your personal information confidential at a level that is greater than or equal to the privacy level by which this website must adhere.

How Your Information Is Used

When you submit personal information to the website, we will then use your personal information to maintain and operate the website and also provide features and functions of the website to you as the user. At times, your submission of personal information to the website will be used by Skillsports LLC for the following:

  1. informing you of new features within the website, third-party products or services, other products and/or services;
  2. providing you with information, services and/or products relating to our contests and/or promotions;
  3. responding to or otherwise processing inquiries made by you or others;
  4. administering the website;
  5. use of your e-mail address to contact you about administrative information or changes;
  6. use of your IP address, browser type, web request, URLs, click numbers, domain names, platform type, pages viewed, landing pages, ordering of pages viewed, time spent on certain pages, date and time information, and/or cookies which identify your browser or other similar information in order to store, track or analyze your user trends or preferences;
  7. anonymously using your personal information in aggregate for internal reporting or research purposes without disclosing any personal information to others; and/or
  8. maintaining or enforcing the terms and conditions of your use of the Skillsports LLC website.

Please note that the above list is not an exhaustive list, as other circumstances may arise that require the reasonable use of your personal information. Affiliates, agents and/or subsidiaries of the website may be provided access to your personal information for internal processing purposes, but your information will not be disclosed to others, except for the reasons indicated in the section of this Privacy Policy labeled “Disclosure Required by Law” and other excepted reasons described in this Privacy Policy.

Refusal to Provide Personal Information

you have the right to refuse to revive personal information to the website. However, this refusal may result in Skillsports LLC being unable to allow you to fully participate in the services offered by the website.

Password Privacy

In order to protect your privacy as well as your security, the website will take all reasonable steps necessary to ensure that you provide a unique password. However, you will be solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your unique password as well as your account information at all times. If you have any questions with regard to the use of your personal information, the parameters of your consent to the use of your personal information, or other related matters, please make a timely request by sending an e-mail to: The website administration will use its best efforts to respond to such requests in a reasonable and timely manner.

Security of Data

The Skillsports LLC website will observe all reasonable precautionary measures to ensure the integrity, privacy and security of your personal information. However, the website can not 100% warrant the security of all information you transmit to the website. Accordingly, you acknowledge and agree that your submission of personal information to the website carries a degree of risk.

Bankruptcy, Merger, Sale or Acquisition

In the event of a bankruptcy, merger, sale or acquisition involving you acknowledge and agree that Skillsports LLC reserves its right to transfer or assign the personal information we have collected as to our users in furtherance of such bankruptcy, merger, sale, acquisition or any other shift in the control of Skillsports LLC. In the event Skillsports LLC undergoes a re-organization, bankruptcy, insolvency, receivership, assignment for the benefit of creditors, or any other application of equitable or legal principles that might generally affect creditors’ rights, you acknowledge and agree that this may result in Skillsports LLC losing its complete control of your personal information.


At times, third parties may, through the use of our website, provide advertising. These advertisers on our website may use cookies in orders so that the advertiser will be able to recognize your computer with regard to the advertisements. These third-party advertisers compile such information about you and others using your computer in order to determine which advertisements you access. This cookies information enables an advertiser to deliver targeted advertisements to you. Skillsports LLC has no control or access to the cookies that may be placed by these advertisers on your computer.

Publicity Rights

By using the website and providing personal information to enable you to utilize the services offered by the website, you acknowledge and agree that Skillsports LLC may, except where prohibited, use your name, voice, opinion, likeness and/or other biographical related information for publicity reasons. Those publicity reasons include, but are not limited to, trade, advertising, promotional purposes, social media related purposes, or any other activity relating to publicity now known or later determined. The range of this publicity usage is worldwide. Moreover, by using the website and providing personal information to enable you to utilize the services offered by the website, you acknowledge and agree that the use of your personal information for publicity purposes shall, except where prohibited, i) not require your approval and ii) shall be without further payment of compensation or other form of consideration or notice to you.

California Privacy Rights

If you reside in California and you provide the website with personal information, then you have the right to request certain information regarding our websites disclosure of your personal information to third parties for their direct marketing purposes. In order to make such a request, please send a written request to:

Updated: June 12, 2019