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Pool Billard

Play for free against human opponents or pay entry fees and win real money in Pool Billiard!

Jack Pott has added some billiard tables to his games collection for the coolest pool billiards game on the web. Compete live against real opponents in an online pool billiards game. The player with the best tactics will win, so place your bet, make the balls, beat your opponent and win real money!

Step 1: Chance determines who starts the game. To take a shot, position your cue behind the white cue ball, aligning it with the ball you want to strike. Then pull back the cue by pressing and holding the left mouse button while moving the mouse. Release to shoot.

The first ball you make determines whether you take the stripes or the solids. Be sure not to commit a foul, e.g. by shooting a ball belonging to your opponent.

Step 2: Your turn continues until you either fail to make a ball or commit a foul. To find out what counts as a foul, please read the detailed in-game instructions. If you make the black 8 ball before all the other balls have been cleared from the table, you lose. Otherwise the winner is the first player to make all of his or her balls, followed by the 8 ball.

Warning! Leaving the game ahead of time will automatically be counted as a loss.

Hint: If you want to put some spin on the ball, move the black dot on the cue ball in the upper right, under the word SPIN.