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Play for free against human opponents or pay entry fees and win real money in 21!

Tactical card games are Jack Pott's passion. That is why he came up with the online card game 21, where it's all about your skill and your tactics. The first player to combine the most cards to make 21 wins. Jack prefers to be the dealer and watch you and your fellow human players compete in the online card game.

Aim of the game:
Discard all 52 cards as skillfully as possible to reach the sum of 21 as often as you can. Only then will the scores be counted. But watch out - if the sum of your cards exceeds 21, you will lose points.

How to play:

Step 1: Place the card Jack Pott is holding in one of the 4 rows. The values of the cards stacked on top of each other are added up.

Step 2: Try to place all of the cards tactically within the time limit in order to score 21 as often as you can, and even collect bonus points. Always keep your eye on the time and play as quickly as possible so your opponent cannot gain the advantage.

Pass: Rather than risking exceeding 21 points, you also have the option to pass. In this case, the card will be discarded without being counted.

Values and scores:

Total 21 = 50 points
Jack Seven = 150 points: 21 with three 7s
Smart Jack = 100 points: 21 or less with five cards
Bonus Jack = 75 points: Black Jacks used; or 100 points if used as Smart Jack
Flush Jack = 75 points: 21 with cards of one suit
Quick Jack = 75 points: 21 with a 10 and an ace of any suit

Dump Jack = -25 points: exceeded 21

Hint: Pass on some cards in order to reach 21 points more easily. You can achieve various bonus scores in 21!