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Pyramid Solitaire

Play for free against human opponents or pay entry fees and win real money!

The solitaire variation Pyramid Solitaire is a game created by pharaohs for pharaohs. Only the cleverest card players will reap great rewards. Whether you play Pyramid Solitaire online for free for as long as you want or pay entry fees and employ better tactics to win real money - you always compete against real opponents. And your fellow players will not make winning easy for you!

Do not let Cleopatra distract you with her smile! Whether you make it from a beggar to a king in Pyramid Solitaire is entirely up to you.

Step 1: Clear the card pyramids by underbidding or overbidding the displayed card by 1. Look closely at the bottom row before you begin in order to discard as many cards consecutively as possible.

Example: If Cleopatra shows you a 7, you can either lay a 6 or an 8 on top. If the displayed card is a queen, you can lay either a jack or a king.

Step 2: Draw a card from the face-down stack if you don't have a suitable card to lay. You receive bonus points for clearing a pyramid, for any cards remaining in the stack, and for not using the joker.

Hint: If possible, save the joker until late in the game or avoid using it altogether.